Sunday, January 16, 2011

We Made It Two Weeks! (and a day)

The girls were two weeks old yesterday! Their doctor told me yesterday that when they were first born he wasn't sure any of them let alone all of them were going to make it. Wow! was all I had to say about that. This is just a quick update because I'm going to visit the girls now. Just wanted to let anyone who cares know that they are still improving!!

Song of the day is Ordinary Miracle by Sarah Mclachlan. I thought it was suitable for the past couple days.

Ordinary Miracle - Sarah McLachlan


  1. Yay! Happy two weeks to ALL of you!

  2. They say the first month is the most important for micro-preemies and you are already 1/2 way there! Way to go mom and babies!

  3. So glad to hear they are all doing so good!!

  4. This is a fake blog! She is a fourteen year old girl PRETENDING to have triplets and making a fool of those who have lost a baby!