Saturday, January 8, 2011

Told You I Was Going To Be Emotional!

Okay I may have done the worse thing I can ever think of just an hour ago. Absolutely everything I have in me was telling me to stop and turn around as I was walking out of the hospital. Mother's instinct? I visited each girl one last time and told each one of them how much I loved them and I would be back soon. Luckily my sister who lives about ten minutes away from the hospital offered to let us stay in her basement apartment until the girls can come home. It's a blessing in it's self to be so close to the hospital in case anything happens. I've already called twice since we got here. Absolutely nothing has changed since we left but I still can't help but worried every second that somethings wrong with my babies. How will I ever get through this? :'(


  1. I can't imagine how difficult that was and how it is tearing you up, but like you said the girls are under great care by the doctors and the nurses and you are so close. You'll be back to see them soon and we will continue to throw our best positive energy your way. Lean on your husband and possibly get involved in some preemie support groups? I don't know much about those but I understand they can be helpful

  2. Just the fact that they are still here after a week and going strong with the difficulties says a lot. I don't know if you are a believer, but I feel that if they made it this long, God has big plans for them! Your girls are going to be great and your story will help other premie mothers one day when you show them pictures of your thriving girls :) Take care and believe!