Monday, April 4, 2011


Addisyn has hope!
She's made it through the first twenty four hours after her NEC surgery. One of the nurses said the first twenty four hours are the hardest. Hope isn't something we've had a lot of lately. I still hate seeing her hook up to the wires and tubes and it breaks my heart a little more each time seeing her like that. The doctor tells us that she's in very little if any pain but I still can't help but hurt inside when I see her wince every now and again.

Savannah has been doing awesome! She's up to 3 pounds 8 ounces now and developing amazingly well! She smiled at me this morning as if to say "No worries Mommy, Addie's going to be fine. Olivia's watching over both of us!"

The pain of missing Olivia is definitely still in both, Gabe and I's heart but the healing process has begun and I know she's watching over her sisters.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!


  1. So glad to hear this! Prayers to you and your family.

  2. Still praying for your girls, I can't wait to read the post that says,"We're bringing them home!"
    from April 2011 twins and multiples

  3. What wonderful news! I pray for your family everyday.
    from April 2001 Birth Club

  4. Oh Jen I am so sorry what has happened over the last few days. I wish I would have checked back sooner. I am so glad she made it through and is doing well. I keep praying for you guys and she is such a tough little one. I love how she lets you know its all going to be okay. I think that is just precious. Hang in there and I know the girls will too! Great weight too I can see her coming home in the near future with that weight!

  5. This is a fake blog! She is a fourteen year old girl PRETENDING to have triplets and making a fool of those who have lost a baby!