Friday, April 1, 2011

3 months

Sad day today.

They x-rayed Addie and she definitely has NEC. She's on major antibiotics since yesterday had 1 platelet transfusion yesterday and 2 so far today but the doctors think she'll need more tonight. They are x-raying her every hour to hour and a half but so far nothing has changed. The docs think they caught it early but I'm so scared she'll have to have another surgery. The chances of making it out of this surgery are 10-15%. My poor baby girl has been miserable all day.

Savannah's doing absolutely perfect.


  1. I am a fellow multiple mom from the bump. I recently lost baby b in what is my second twin pregnancy. I can't imagaine all that you have been through over the last few years. Losing a child weather you have ever held them or not is so difficult and you are doing a great job. I pray for your family tonight, that there is only gain and no more loss. I pray your beautiful baby girls are out of the NICU and are home and healthy real soon. I also pray you continue to find the strength to go on every day.

  2. This is a fake blog! She is a fourteen year old girl PRETENDING to have triplets and making a fool of those who have lost a baby!